What is it that these parents get out of loading up their children with explosives and sending them into a market to kill others? These kids don’t get anything but dead. Very sad situation. Islam seems to be the only religion in our modern times that puts such a low value on life.



19 Week Old Baby

All the pro-abortion, woman’s choice, planned parenthood, woman’s reproductive rights folks, can claim all they want that at 19 weeks of pregnancy, this is not a baby. You make up your own mind. My eyes tell me something different. America has now killed over 53 MILLION babies.

A Pennsylvania mother who gave birth to her son at 19 weeks posted her story and photographs on her blog to share with friends and family, but her brave choice has spread way beyond her immediate circle to bring comfort to other grieving mothers.
Alexis Fretz was 30 years old and 19 weeks pregnant with her third child when she began bleeding lightly.
Not overly worried, she called her midwife and as a precaution was advised to head to the ER in a Kokomo, Indiana hospital for a check-up. By the end of the day, her son Walter had been born and died in her arms.

After her BABY was born, a nurse came in to tell this mother that “her ‘fetus’ wasn’t going to make it.” The mother was outraged-this is a BABY, not a fetus.

She also wanted her 2 daughters to meet their brother. God Bless this woman and her family.









Unaffordable Care Act #2

I’m sure this won’t be my last post on this subject since the law is so important to the future of the health care system in the United States.

On her Fox News show last night, Megyn Kelly reported a new provision in the Affordable Care Act, henceforth called the ACA, or Unaffordable Care Act.  Since the part of the website,, that deals with how insurance companies are going to collect premiums for policies that the site sells hasn’t even been set up yet—-let me say that again—–the part of the website that deals with how insurance companies collect their money on policies that the Obamacare official website sells has not even been developed, the Administration late last night came up with a plan.  This is the most awesome plan ever.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of it.  What the Administration proposes to do is tell the insurance companies to ESTIMATE how much these plans are going to cost and the Government will write them a check and then figure out later how much it actually cost.

What could possibly go wrong?   Realizing that there is no waste or fraud in Medicare and Medicaid, 2 equally well run programs, why would we suspect anything sinister in this new plan?

Unaffordable Care Act

Democrats are trying to salvage their reputation by focusing on how good things will be when they finally get the Obamacare website up and running. More money has been thrown at this debacle just to salvage it. The government refuses to tell us how much more it is going to cost just to be able to sign up.

Paul Krugman, liberal economist, had a column last week where he was using California’s site called “Covered California” as an example of how good the sign up process can work. They seem to have a pretty high volume of enrollees.

The problem is———even with all the system foul ups, the signing process is the easy part. Wait until you finally have to pay and the premiums are higher than originally quoted because not enough suckers joined the network. Wait until you go to your doctor, who you have been going to for years and he either is not in business anymore, only takes cash, didn’t join or was kicked out of the network. Wait until you need surgery and have to wait much longer than anticipated and have to go to another town miles away to a hospital which actually accepts your insurance. Wait until you are older and are told to “take the pill”, as Obama said, instead of have the surgery you used to be able to get.

Humana is one of the insurance giants that is part of the network you are able to join under the “Affordable Care Act”. They pay on a schedule somewhat like Medicare does. However, doctors are not taking their coverage because they don’t pay enough to keep the lights on.

Yes-the “good” part is coming. Today, Sunday, December 1, 2013, is the day that the website is fully operational. What’s that? Sorry. This is the day that it is better than it was 2 months ago but it is still not secure. I forgot to mention that. If you do sign up, hopefully someone in Russia isn’t surfing the web to get your social security number so that they can create accounts in your name. But, I hate to pick on just Russians—-could be somebody that you called when you couldn’t get into the website and that person is a convicted felon, since they didn’t do a background check on their employees.



I used to call Him ” The Current Resident of the White House.”

It is now obvious to me a much better monicker exists. He “knows nothing” about Benghazi, the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious gun running to Mexico, the NSA spying on foreign leaders, and the problems with the Obamacare website rollout. However, he knew about Treyvon Martin and the Boston police who “acted stupidly”.

Sergeant Schultz is disengaged with the operation of the government.